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Sustainable Threads was born from our collective professional experience and personal interest in rural development, entrepreneurship and social justice. Among the various options, we chose to leverage our relationships in the development sector and start a fair trade wholesale enterprise. Our brief profiles are shared below. We currently work with over 10 artisan groups in India, with the goal of long term, deep partnerships. Our focus is on the people, not just the product. This model requires a significant investment in design and product development, factoring in the skill sets of each community.

In addition to working with the fair trade practices in production, we devote considerable time and resources to weave in ecologically friendly packaging for our products and our company. This is always a work in progress, a struggle, that we are persuaded to engage in.

Most, if not all, of our packaging (cartons, peanuts, bubble wrap etc.) are recycled from various individuals and stores in our community, as well as from family and friends. We are very grateful for their generosity, of time and more, to help us in our goal of recycling. We hope that next time you receive your package from Sustainable Threads; you’ll enjoy our products (of course), but also feel good about the recycled packaging!

We have been fortunate to have friends, family and interns who have helped us start and stay-on in our effort. It may not be possible to mention of them here but do hope you will meet or communicate with some of them during the course of our partnership.

Our brief profiles –

Poonam Abbi:

I am a trained social worker and have been associated with the development sector in India for about 15 years now. This period includes six years of work with Seva Mandir, a secular, voluntary organization working in rural and tribal villages of Udaipur district, in Rajasthan, India. In this capacity I have hands-on experience of living and working with the village communities.

I continue my association with Seva Mandir as the Executive Director of Friends of Seva Mandir, USA, established as an overseas support group. We also partner with the village groups by sourcing their products for Sustainable Threads. For me, Sustainable Threads is an extension of my interest and passion in social development.

Harish Hathiramani:

Harish has two decades of experience in merchandising and marketing and has traveled globally in various capacities. He has a Masters in Business Administration. For Harish, Sustainable Threads provides a platform to learn about rural communities and explore ways to apply his experience to make a meaningful difference.

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