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Peace Silk

We carry a range of elegant, hand-woven silk products from an artisan cooperative from Northeast India which employs indigenous women. The silk woven by weavers is known as ahimsa or peace silk; silk worm cocoons are collected only after the moths have emerged, unlike in the production of most commercial silks. This results in a greater degree of fiber purity, emphasizing the natural luster of the silk. Each step of creating these products is carried out locally—from nurturing silk worms to knotting the last silk thread on a finished piece. Community members are employed to care for silk worms, collect and process raw cocoons, spin yarn, color with eco-friendly dyes or make and apply all-natural plant dyes, and weave fabric. In this way, each step of the process supports local artisan livelihood. Silk fabric is woven on frame looms. These looms are crafted using bamboo and other locally available materials. The artisan carefully strings threads vertically upon the loom. She then weaves horizontal interlacing threads in decorative patterns. The natural tones and textures of the silk fibers are highlighted by the different weaves the artisan incorporates in her work. Silks are available in various beautiful patterns, undyed or dyed with eco-friendly and plant based dyes.

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